What does it mean to think inclusively?

INCLUSION means asking about access.

INCLUSION means asking about cultures and beliefs.

INCLUSION means valuing multiple forms of communication for everyone.

INCLUSION is about structuring our classrooms so that typical hierarchies of "smartness" are broken down and replaced with an understanding that there are many ways to be smart.

At The Rise School of Austin, children are educated in a highly intentional environment within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. All children, with and without developmental delays, are provided individualized and research-based instruction alongside their peers. 


Through the collaborative efforts of therapists, families, and teachers, The Rise School of Austin fosters a genuine culture of friendship and accomplishment for all children. 

Research shows that inclusive environments produce better outcomes for all children- gifted, traditional, or developmentally delayed. Inclusion is BEST practice and provides an optimal learning experience for every child. 


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