Co-teaching model

The Rise School of Austin employs a co-teaching model unique to the program and the children it serves. Each classroom of 12 students is instructed by 3 core teachers - lead teacher, teacher and teaching assistant.



The lead teacher is responsible for assessment of student development, curriculum development and implementation, classroom management, parent communication, and intervention.


The teacher is responsible for working alongside the lead teacher to ensure the curriculum, instruction and intervention are developmentally appropriate and tailored to the individual needs of the students. 

Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant is responsible for following the guidance of the lead teacher and teacher to provide individual, small or large group instruction. Teaching assistants are also responsible for health and safety and ensuring the classroom's environment is clean, compliant with licensing, and safe for children's use.

Inclusion as part of the co-teaching model

Inclusion is a team effort, and collaboration is the foundation for universally designed curriculum and instruction that grants access to children of all abilities. In addition to our co-teaching teams, all therapy and educational services are pushed-in, meaning they are provided in the classroom setting alongside peers. This collaborative approach allows all staff to benefit from the expertise of professionals in each domain of development, and provides an optimal learning experience for all children- gifted, traditional, and developmentally delayed. 

Co-teaching resources

To support our collaborative model, all teachers are provided ample resources, coaching, and training to become well-rounded educators in the field of early childhood inclusive education. Coaching and training are a top priority for The Rise School in order to remain abreast of the latest developments in early childhood and special education research and practice.


Lead teachers, teachers, and teaching assistants conduct self-evaluations 3 times per year based on quality standards set by the National Association of the Education of Young Children. Each teacher sets 2 individual professional goals per year. These goals set the framework for coaching and professional development opportunities provided by the school. All staff are also evaluated and coached by the program and executive directors for program quality assurance and enhancement.

Teaching experience

We value degrees and experience in both early childhood and special education, and pride ourselves in an experienced, high-qualified staff.

Education requirements



The lead teacher has or is working towards a master's degree in early childhood, special education, or related field.


The teacher has or is working towards a bachelor's degree in early childhood, special education, or related field.

Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant has or is working towards a child development associate's degree.

Currently (2018-2019 school year), 26 teachers are employed by The Rise School. Seven lead teachers, seven teachers, and twelve teaching assistants provide services to roughly 84 students for seven classrooms.

At this time:

42% of teachers (11 teachers) have their master’s degree

89% of teachers (23 teachers) have their bachelor’s degree

11% of teachers (3 teachers) are working towards their Child Development Associate’s degree

The Rise School of Austin places significant value on the level of education of each teacher and does not consider an alternative teaching certification an acceptable qualification for lead teachers. This year, 85% of our teaching staff has a bachelor’s degree or higher, and receives up to 60 hours of professional development in the areas of special education, developmentally appropriate practice, Conscious Discipline, Handwriting Without Tears, NAEYC, therapeutic strategies, behavior modification and intervention, health and safety, minimum standards, child abuse and neglect, and first aid/CPR. 


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