The "3rd teacher"

At Rise, the classroom environment is considered the "3rd teacher"







All teachers follow NAEYC, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and the latest research in early childhood and special education to tailor the learning environment to meet the needs of the children.

The Rise environment

The Rise environment is: 

  • Free of clutter

  • Designed so staff can supervise children by sight and sound at all times

  • Designed so that individual space is provided for children’s belongings

  • Divided into distinctive interest areas with like materials

  • Organized and materials are grouped on low, open shelves to encourage children to use them independently

  • Continuously modified as staff rotate and adapt materials to promote learning and extend children’s play opportunities

  • Not over-stimulating and features moderate visual and auditory stimulation;

  • Warm and includes washable, soft elements that allow groups of children or adults and children to sit in close proximity for conversations and comforting;

  • Easily accessible and provides clear pathways for children to move from one area to another without disturbing other children’s work and play;

  • Arranged to accommodate children individually, in small groups, and in a large group;

  • Flexible and offers semi private areas where children can play or work alone or with a friend;

  • Arranged so that interest areas that are relatively quiet are separated from noisier ones;

  • Homelike with features such as baskets, woven rugs, plants, and ample natural light;

  • Organized – everything has a designated space and is clearly labeled for children; and

  • Purposeful – everything has a purpose and goal in mind.

In each classroom, teachers incorporate:

  • Softness

  • A variety of textures

  • Natural elements such as plants, wood, and rocks

At Rise, teachers make the classroom feel like home!

Where children shine

At Rise, classroom displays are saved for children’s work and photos.  You will not find commercial items or many items made by adults or teachers.  Each classroom clearly represents the unique children that learn and play within its four walls. 


The Rise inclusion model is supported by this intentional approach to curriculum, environment and teaching strategies. At the heart of Rise, is the ability to individually tailor these aspects of the program to the needs of the children. 


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4800 Manor Road

Building J

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