Administration Team

(Left to Right) Hannah Bricker, Assistant Director; Meg Bethune, Executive Director; Korina Delapena, Office Manager; Danielle Martinson, Business Manager; Rachel Parr, Development Director; Amy Winslow, Events and Marketing Manager; and Jennifer Pool, Senior Development Officer

Waddler II Team

(Left to Right) Marissa Gallardo, Floating Teaching Assistant; Moni Kiarly, Lead Teacher; Rachel Elliot, Teacher; and Cynthia Johnston, Teaching Assistant

Toddler II Team

(Left to Right) Mallory Glasgow, Teacher; Jenn Bipes, Lead Teacher; Lacey Garrett, Teaching Assistant

Preschool II Team

(Left to Right) Margaret Ruff, Teacher; Melissa Gardner, Lead Teacher; Arabi Spears, Teaching Assistant; Kassandra Gomez, Floating Teaching Assistant

Toddler I Team

(Left to Right) Molly McGlynn, Floating Teaching Assistant; Nicole Payne, Teacher; Kristen Warner, Lead Teacher; Sarah Hosek, Teaching Assistant

Preschool I Team

(Left to Right) Marissa Bahrenburg, Lead Teacher; Jacqueline Ortiz, Teacher; Michelle Mancilla, Floating Teaching Assistant; Christine Le, Teaching Assistant

Pre-K I Team

(Left to Right) Jessica Ivy, Teaching Assistant; Angela Bell, Lead Teacher; Christina Trevino, Teaching Assistant

Pre-K II Team

(Left to Right) Taylor Blackburn, Teaching Assistant; Katie Kerrigan, Teacher; Kayley Hoag, Floating Teaching Assistant; Luvy Wilson, Lead Teacher

Reagan Rives

Speech Therapist

Lindsay Cohen

Speech Therapist

Kara Swinney

Physical Therapist

Gil Gonzales

Physical Therapist

Danielle Saunders

Music Therapist

Cara Griswold

Music Therapist

Sarah Sweeney

Occupational Therapist


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