Creating a love for literacy #RISEtipoftheweek


Happy #NationalReadaBook Day, friends!  At @riseatx, we believe that “a book is a dream that you hold in your hands” (Neil Gaiman)! 


How can you nurture a love for literacy in your home or classroom?

  • Talk and listen: Hold meaningful, thought-provoking conversations with your child. Introduce new words, expand on what s/he says, and ask open-ended questions.

  • Read aloud together: Read at least once every day; read favorite stories over and over; talk about the story before, during and after reading; and share a variety of literature.

  • Explore the sounds of language: Invite your child to have fun with sounds and words. Make up games, stories, poems, or songs.

  • Offer alphabet activities: ABC books, magnetic letters, alphabet blocks or puzzles, and letter stamps.

  • Create a reading space: Create a cozy book nook in your home where you keep lots of books!

In addition to each classroom’s designated library area at Rise, you will find developmentally appropriate books in the science, sensory, art, math and manipulatives, dramatic play, and the writing center. Pre-literacy development is encouraged through child-directed and teacher-directed activities and experiences throughout the day.


The development of pre-literacy skills includes:

(1) vocabulary and language (listening and speaking)

(2) phonological awareness (hearing and understanding different sounds and patterns of spoken language)

(3) knowledge of print (how print is organized and used to convey meaning)

(4) letters and words (letters represent one or more sounds, letters can be form words to convey meaning)

(5) comprehension (the process of making meaning).


What do most young children learn about literacy in the preschool years according to @NAEYC?

  • Name and rhyme alphabet letters

  • Hear rhymes and sounds in words

  • Recognize and write their own names

  • Use new vocabulary words in their conversations

  • Listen to stories and understand what they hear


For more information visit: NAEYC’s Everyday Steps to Reading and Writing (


Literacy FUN around Austin (for all ages!):


“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr. Seuss



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