PT tips to try at home! #RISEtipoftheweek

October 18, 2018


Happy Physical Therapy Month to our amazing Rise School physical therapists- Kara and Gil!  This week they are sharing some fun ways to incorporate Physical Therapy into your home setting.  These quick and easy ideas can help your children increase their strength and balance. To learn more about the Physical Therapy program at the Rise School, please click here.  Thank you, Kara and Gil, for these great ideas!  


1) Practice walking on curbs to simulate balance beam.


2) Place window stickers or gel clings just out of reach on windows to encourage tiptoe standing.


3) Climb on everything! Onto a high bed, couch, up stairs and on playscapes.


4) Place a puzzle on a small table and the pieces on the floor to encourage squatting and return to stand.


5) Place step stools at sink to encourage independence with stepping up and down to brush teeth and wash hands.


6) Play ball! Bounce a small ball while in the sitting position, sit on a ball while engaged in an activity at the table, or even roll back and forth over an exercise ball!


7) Climb UP the slide at the playground!  This helps to build hip strength.  




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