Love for Rise

•Passionate and Professional Staff

•Whole Child Approach to         Learning

•University Practicum Site

•Social-Emotional Curriculum

•Engaging Learning Environments

•Individualized Instruction

•Financial Aid Available

•Master’s Level Educators 

•Low Child-to-Teacher Ratio

•Research-Based Curriculum

•State-of-the-Art Facility

•Kindergarten Readiness

•Leadership Skill Development


Jocelyn Hornblower

The Rise School is a special place full of hope, love and happiness. Our son Henry is flourishing academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  The teachers and therapists are incredibly dedicated and supportive while providing the highest quality education.  This model is working for us and that is why we are part of the Rise family – we believe in the mission!

Katie Hoglund

I worked at Rise for 7 years and always knew I wanted my children to attend this school, no matter their abilities. I have witnessed the benefits of the program for both children with special needs and typically developing children, and I couldn’t wait to have my children be a part of Rise. They are receiving the highest quality education from the Masters level teachers and therapists. I know they are always in great hands and getting love and attention, and most importantly, learning from their peers.

Courtney Byrd

Rise Austin is the best possible preschool for any child.  In every way—big and small—this program has had such a wonderful impact on our son’s life. Rise is not a holding room filled with toys and occasional outside play time, it is a place for exceptional growth. Beyond the love and care Michael received from every single staff member at Rise, my husband and I are amazed by the quality of education he received – every step of every day was built around learning.

Wesley Joseph

When we started our son, Cater, at Rise at just 14 months of age in 2014, we had no idea at the time what an impact the school and this community would have on our entire family. Cater thrives with the low teacher to student ratio, integrated therapy, and the most incredibly talented and passionate teachers I have ever met. This program has allowed him to gain confidence and independence which will help him succeed in an inclusive school setting once he graduates from Rise. Teachers are able to assess his needs and make appropriate accommodations to help him engage, learn and socialize alongside his peers with as much independence as possible. When our younger son, Holden, (who is "typically" developing) was old enough, there was no doubt that we wanted him to join his brother at Rise. Even though he is just two, we have seen Holden flourish thanks to the high energy and enthusiasm from his teachers and all of the opportunities he is given to grow and succeed. Holden is already showing empathy and compassion towards others, which we especially see carrying over into our home life. As a former early childhood teacher, I can confidently say that both of my boys are being challenged daily, and that Holden and Cater have much to learn and gain from their peers and teachers at Rise. We truly love this school and are amazed by it each and every day!

Laura Arnold

We are starting our 5th year at Rise this year. Our two typically developing sons have been a part of this amazing experience of inclusion. The quality of the experience at the Rise School cannot be overstated.  With expert staff (for example many masters’ degrees) and very low student to teacher ratios, the attention, love and education our boys have received is second to none. Our kindergartner is ahead of many of his peers academically. But more importantly, being around those different from them daily has given them the opportunity to develop extremely high levels of empathy, compassion and imagination. These life-long qualities are essential in our family, and it’s difficult to imagine where but Rise our kids could have developed them so well. We couldn't be more proud and honored to have our children start their academic career at this phenomenal preschool.


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4800 Manor Road

Building J

Austin, TX 78723